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  1. Borsch, 2019

    Yuliya lives in a Russian provincial town Kolchugino, one of a thousand of the same in Russia. Over the past 20 years, little has changed here - the mentality of people has remained the same, buildings, salaries. But the views and dreams of adolescents about their future are becoming bigger.
  2. tag me if you use my pics

    It is unlikely that in the modern world there is an anti-addiction to social networks — an obsession with communication in real life. How can you be addicted to social communication — one of the basic human needs?
  3. Bus stop, 2018

    This photo was taken at the end of July 2018. Then just started taking pictures with a camera. I had a group in Russian social media VKontakte and placed my photos there. Basically, I photographed what I saw around me - streets, nature, friends. That summer I visited my grandmother who lives in a Russian village (I live in the Netherlands), and then I saw the differences between these countries, I photographed a lot of the Russian post-Soviet places and asked my friend Ilya to be a model for my portrait shoots. 

Toma Savelyeva is an Amsterdam based artist specializing in coming-of-age photography (and many other things, like eating popcorn and procrastinating).